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SL fuel tank service  

We repair on-site upon request.
Also in your city (Europe-wide!)


With a tank about 3/4 full, an annoying clatter from the back can be heard. You could think the exhaust is loose.

You will hear this noise when accelerating as well as when braking. When the vehicle is refueled and the tank is full, you will almost not hear it anymore.


The surge plate in the tank has come loose and hits the inside wall of the tank, swinging freely.


Regular scope of repairs:
Replace the tank.


According to the MB workshop cost estimate
approx. 2,600 euros (long waiting time, as this model only has exchange tanks

difficult to organize).


With us (Stuttgart) you only pay

890 euros!


We also repair on-site at your location. See our offers & prices .


We repair the baffle permanently!


* The tank is not removed.
* The tank is not renewed.


You get a 10 year guarantee

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Fuel tank repairs,
Specialist R230
(Baffle damage)


SL R230 driver / customer

Mercedes workshops

Aural comparison - how does a resolved one sound

Baffle plate?

Please test here

Tank already removed? Then it will be repaired by us. There is no need to buy a new one!


Save time & money

This page is dedicated to the large number of affected SL R230 drivers who were surprised by a sudden rattling noise when starting or braking. The first good news: "Help can be provided at short notice."

The second, even better piece of information: you don't need a new tank - there is also a guaranteed professional repair option; for just 890 euros including VAT!

Either you deliver the vehicle to our workshop in Stuttgart, with the fuel gauge on about 1/4 to 1/2 .

You can wait for the work to be carried out. See our many customer testimonials .

Or alternatively, on-site service is possible. This requires a slightly longer lead time and a separate price . We also provide our services worldwide directly for Mercedes branches.

You can find more information at tankschaden24 .


CONTACT - Make an appointment

Here repair acceptance / workshop address:


Burgstraße 70

D - 72574 Bad Urach

0049 711 600 000

Execution only by appointment!

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