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Tank repairs instead of new purchases

For Mercedes workshops and their customers, we offer the opportunity to repair the dismantled petrol tank. Perhaps the tank has already been removed and it is difficult to organize a new one. The new tanks with part numbers A2304703801 and A2304701401 can sometimes no longer be ordered at all, or delivery takes many weeks to months .


A new order is also not necessary, because we remove the baffle damage in the petrol tank sent to us and also issue a 10-year guarantee on this . Simply do without the expensive purchase of a new petrol tank.


This solution is particularly advantageous for workshops abroad.


You send us the otherwise flawless petrol tank by forwarding agent and get it back within a few days and without a noisy baffle plate.


We offer this service for 864 euros including VAT. and plus shipping costs.


Please contact us to coordinate more precise details and to process shipping.


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